San Andrés Mission Chapel in north Lima

A small loan enables a woman to set up her own fruit and vegetable stall.

A Helping Diocese

of the Anglican


The Anglican Church of Peru, Diocese of the Anglican Communion, in the Province of the Southern Cone of America.

Supporting Mission

Generous giving for God’s work

The Diocese tries to live generously in its service to many other people.

Every week through our schools, and our nutrition, medical and development projects, we help over 2,000 people. They live in areas of grinding poverty, in the shanty towns around our cities and the often forgotten rural areas. Our aim is to reach out and show Christ’s love in a practical way, to be his hands and feet, as the meditation of St Teresa says.

Not only do we serve the poor, but the Diocese of Peru is a Church of the poor - about 90% of our congregations are in areas of great need.

Nevertheless we are taking steps towards financial self-sufficiency, particularly in paying the stipends of our clergy, and we are now approaching two thirds of that amount.

But we still depend heavily on help from our supporters to enable our work to continue, and more than ever in this time of financial crisis

To help us financially please send your donations:

            In the United States of America

                      Amigos del Peru (An independent 501c3 - registered charity)

                      c/o Mrs Susan Kerr

                     4550 Legacy Drive

                     Plano, TX 75024

                     Tel. (214) 291 5028

            In the United Kingdom

                      Diocese of Peru (UK)

                     c/o Mr Patrick Mackie

                     4 Croft Rise

                     East Bridgford

                     Nottingham  NG13 8PS

                      Tel. 01949 20519


Thank you very much and may God bless you.