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of the Anglican
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St Augustine of Hippo, one of the Church’s great theologians

St Augustine of Canterbury, sent by Gregory the Great to evangelise the English

The Ss. Augustine Seminary has been established for the building up and growth of the Anglican Church in Peru, and has facilities in both Lima and Arequipa. The Diocese is dedicated to MISSION. This requires men and women, ordained and lay, to be educated in theology, dedicated in prayer and trained in practice for both ministry and mission. In order for the Diocese to succeed in its Vision, the Seminary identifies, recruits, trains, and equips future leaders of the Church.


    *The Reverend Allen Hill (Lima)

Teaching Staff:

    *The Reverend Ron Robertson (Arequipa)

    *The Reverend Dr Shaw Mudge (Lima)

    *The Reverend Deacon Julie Mudge (Lima)

    *The Reverend Deacon Rachel Hill (Lima)

The courses taught during this preparation are an indispensable requirement for every person who aspires to Lay Ministry, or to be a Deacon or Priest. The curriculum includes:

   * Ecclesiastical, theological, and biblical studies

   * Development of gifts and practical experience for ministry (preaching, evangelism, church

      planting, pastoral ministry, youth work, etc.)

   * Practical experiences in the field, mission, ministry and personal development

   * Development of a personal spiritual life

   * Exposure to good models of life, mission and ministry within the Anglican Church

Through this training, we intend to achieve the spiritual strengthening of all people within the church, within the parishes in the areas of:

   * Community

   * Common prayer and worship

   * Christian education

   * Leadership

   * Pastoral Ministry

   * Stewardship

   * Administration

   * Mission

To achieve this Ss. Augustine requires:

   * High academic standards

   * Practical experience in mission, ministry and service.

   * Pursuing emotional and psychological growth through participating in a loving community.

For more information about the Ss. Augustine Seminary, contact:

The Reverend Allen Hill

Calle Doña María 141, Urb. Los Rosales

Santiago de Surco, Lima 33. Peru

Telephone (51) 1-448 0473


The Reverend Ron Robertson

Av. Lima 519, Vallecito, Arequipa

Telephone: (51) 54-225891

Many of our seminarians have a trade during the day, to earn money to study in the evenings.

Priests Deacons Lay Ministers

The Anglican Church of Peru, Diocese of the Anglican Communion, in the Province of the Southern Cone of America.