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of the Anglican
San Patricio Mission.... caring for children living in poverty




The Aid and Development NGO was formed by the Diocese to develop our commitment to social outreach work. The Diocese is firmly committed to serving the poor and every sort of need. As we see so much poverty, suffering and injustice round about us, the words of Christ in the parable of the Sheep and Goats ring in our hearts, ‘As you did it to one of the least of these my brothers, you did it to me.’ (Mt.25:40)

All our churches are encouraged and urged to be committed to those in need, in whatever way they can, to look in the neighbourhood round about and ask what we can do to serve. We believe this is basic to our faith and the example Jesus has given us to follow.

The NGO is based in the Diocesan Centre and has facilities on the third floor. Besides the director of the NGO, called the DEACON, to remind us all that the NGO is there to serve, we employ a full time nurse and social worker. We are fully committed to the Millenium Development Goals of the United Nations in their fight against poverty. These are some of the programmes and projects we are involved in:






Following the earthquake in 2007, the NGO sent relief teams - volunteers, seminarians and members of the Church - to work among the striken people. Through the financial gifts we received, the teams were able to provide first aid and soup kitchens for over five months, and offered comfort, support and practical care of those hospitalised far from home. We were able to respond quickly and effectively in areas that the bigger organisations were not able or did not reach. In all things the teams worked with discipline and in full communication with the authorities, and the work of Anglican Church and its NGO was recognised by both the Red Cross and the Government.


The Diocese and its NGO has formal agreements with other NGOs to work in the following areas:

The gift of new sewing machines will enable the women of Santa María to learn a trade.

Christ’s Love in Action

The Anglican Church of Peru, Diocese of the Anglican Communion, in the Province of the Southern Cone of America.