Carrying the Gospel to mountain villages... a team in training Equipping Churches
A Working Diocese
of the Anglican

The front line of mission in one of Lima’s poorest barrios. It begins on a patch of earth where the Gospel is proclaimed.

Parishes and missions are called to live and proclaim the Gospel, to be channels of God’s love, servants of all mankind, and messengers of the Good News of salvation and new life in Christ.

To fulfill their calling, these communities must be built up in their faith and common life, taught and nourished by God’s Word and Sacraments, cared for pastorally, and led in their worship and prayer to God; and our priests, deacons and lay ministers have a special responsibility in this.

But they need support!


There are things we can do better together, than alone in our congregations..... And here we come to Diocesan Ministries.

To sustain the font line of mission, Diocesan Ministries have been set up. Their responsibility is to support ministers and congregations in their ministry and common life; to help the Church to be equipped and fit for mission.

These Diocesan Ministries include:

  1. Women’s Ministry (AMA) - to build up work among women, with groups in each of our churches
  2. Saints Augustine Seminary - for training ministers, ordained and lay, for leadership and service in our congregations, with campuses in Lima and Arequipa
  3. Consortium of Education (COANED) - to oversee the work of education in our schools and educational institutions
  4. Youth Ministry (MJA) - to build up, encourage and facilitate work in our churches among young people, both adolescents and young adults
  5. Relief and Development NGO (Comunión-Perú) - to coordinate, encourage and provide technical expertise for social outreach projects in our churches and at diocesan level
  6. Ministry Commission (CEMO) - to advise on the selection of candidates for the ordained ministry
  7. Liturgy and Worship - to encourage prayer and develop liturgies and other resources for worship
  8. Stewardship and Financial Responsibility - to teach stewardship and develop resources, especially in relation to our financial autonomy
  9. Bible, Catecumenate and Evangelization - to develop and resource these three key areas in the life of the Church, and provide training for facilitators and teachers
  10. Children and Families - to build up work among children and families in our churches
  11. Communications - to provide resources and the means to communicate our life and news within and beyond the Diocese
  12. Diocesan Council, with the Finance Commission - an essential statutory element of the Diocesan structure which seeks to serve the Church in all the areas for which it is responsible.


We believe that our parishes and missions are the FRONT LINE of our mission and service.

THE DIAGRAM illustrates this principle of Church and mission strategy. The vertical line of parroquias and misiones on the right is the front line of our churches, advancing in obedience to Jesus’ command. “As the Father sent me, so I send you.” John 20:21. The parishes and missions are backed up and supported by the Diocesan Ministries, the middle line. Then, behind them all, is the Bishop (Obispo), guiding, encouraging and pushing!

[I think the Bishop should be on the front line as well, not just at the back like a “general”, but moving about at every level of mission, front and back!]

Strengthening God’s people

The Anglican Church of Peru, Diocese of the Anglican Communion, in the Province of the Southern Cone of America.