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Medical Mission

Brief video from Dr. Townsend Cooper, Paediatrician and SAMS USA worker, Director of the Medical Mission for the Anglican Diocese of Peru.

Health Ambassador Program

As the medical ministry grows, it is becoming clear that many of the most common problems that our patient population faces are best addressed by educational and advocacy efforts.  In Lima alone, there are close to 20 sites that need attention.  Because the mission of the church focuses on areas of significant poverty, many of these areas are on the edges of the city, so they are a challenge to reach and very far apart.   Since the medical ministry at this point has one doctor and one nurse, this presents a logistical challenge.
We are currently developing and training a group of dedicated church members that are acting as Health Ambassadors.  We have subdivided the city into several regions based on the location of the local churches, and creating areas of individual responsibility.  The ambassadors are learning to operate on a broader level than traditional promoters, with responsibilities of coordination and project management as well as education.  The program is in its early stages, but the training ambassadors have already completed modules aimed on Tuberculosis, Dengue, and Infectious Diarrhea with more scheduled on the horizon.
Our sincere prayer is that over time, these ambassadors can gain increasing knowledge and independence to be fierce advocates for health education and access in their respective zones.  We ask you to join us in this prayer.

Nurse Coordinator Program

Currently the Anglican Church of Peru and Health Bridges International are working together on a project to specifically address the needs of children with complex medical illness in Peru.  It is the combined experience of the two institutions that medically fragile children, a term used to describe those with the most complicated and difficult to manage illnesses, have a very difficult time accessing standard of care medicine in the resource limited situation that exists in Lima and the rest of Peru.  Many times resources are available, but their coordination and management leaves much to be desired. 
The Care Coordinator Program is designed to provide guidance, monitoring, assistance, and advocacy for these children.  Our nurse, Epifania Cotos, has been working with the urban poor in Lima for 30 years.  She has worked in several different roles for the Anglican Church over this period of time, and has acquired vast experience.  Our team, which consists of the nurse, the doctor, our developing health ambassador program, and our diocesan social worker, follows the most complex of children through the Peruvian system to maximize Peruvian resource utilization and fill gaps when needed.  We pray that over time a successful program can be presented to larger aid organizations, including the government, to be used as a model for larger scale intervention.

Derby Diocese Bishop's Harvest Appeal 2013

in aid of the establishment of Mission in the shanty towns of Chiclayo.

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