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Establishing new Mission in Chiclayo, Diocese of Peru

Updated - Progress as at December 2014

From the Bishop's wife, Judith:

I have now got some up-to-date news from Chiclayo for you. 

Father Esteban, who is in charge of the Misión San Marcos with his wife Yessica and their two boys, has written to give me an update. He's also sent some photos, which I are shown below.

The last few months he has been busy with pastoral work, building up the community with Sunday and weekday services, the AMA group, which is our equivalent of the Mothers' Union, and two new Children's' and Youth groups. They meet at the moment in the house of one of the parishioners until they can start the building on the new plot of land. Legal proceedings here take a long while to go through all the 'red tape', but progress so far is good.

The land donated to begin with was 455 square metres, which was too small, so the Diocese bought some additional adjacent land which took it to 612 sq. mtres, which will allow for a community centre and a church. So they are going through the process of getting everything registered with the city council, and all the permissions needed for building. At the same time, they are working with an engineer and a Master builder on plans for the development of the land. The first step will be a community building to house a medical centre and other needs. That will be around 120 sq metres.

All buildings here have to be built to strict earthquake regulations with highly reinforced concrete columns etc. and this one will have foundations and columns adequate for taking the building to 3 or 4 storeys. This will allow future development of other facilities, probably including accommodation for the priest and his family, who at present live the other side of Chiclayo and have to travel to the mission.

Father Esteban asks for prayers for the mission, especially for the womens' and youth work, and also for his family. His wife, Yessica, is a nurse and works every other week in Lima, travelling 17 hours on the bus each way to do so. They have two boys, one in University in Chiclayo and the other who is still in primary school, so Esteban cares for them while Yessica is away. They are a great couple, both very committed.

The AMA committee in LIma has visited them during this year to encourage the women in their new group, and we have just sent them a variety stuff to help them have a sale and raise funds for the ' Chocolatada' that is de rigueur for the neighbourhood children at Christmas. They will find little gifts for a large number of children in the very poor area round the church and do hot chocolate and panetone which is the staple Christmas fare here, cheap and filling even if a little strange in 30 degrees of sun!

I hope this gives you a little insight into what is going on there.

With every good wish for a blessed Christmas and New Year, 


Chiclayo - Diocese of Peru - Winter 2014 - A



Progress as at June, 2014

Appeal Background
From Anna
From Padre Esteban
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Original Introductory Sequence for Harvest Appeal


Chiclayo, where the new mission of St Mark’s is to be established, though much smaller than Lima, is still Peru’s fourth largest city – on the North Coast, just 30m above sea level. The proportion of people living in poverty is the same as in Lima. Chiclayo is sunny, warm and very windy. It has some beautiful old buildings and some impressive archaeological sites. The region around Chiclayo gave rise to a great culture, that of the Mochica from 0 through 600 AD, and is still an important business area where trading routes meet from the coast, highlands and jungle. The main agriculture is rice, sugar cane and cotton.

But there are many tens of thousands of people living in the shanty towns. Our Church, with your help, is endeavouring to provide similar support for these families as it is doing, to such great effect, in Lima.

It is believed that the area has an history of slave and indentured labourers from wide cultural and ethnic backgrounds and, prior to that, primitive native South Americans. This is a “challenge” to any new religious group being set up.

Rev’d. Paula Mayer describes the area where our mission is to be established as desolate and soulless. It is potentially dangerous, there are no paved roads, no mains water, no sewerage and in many cases, taxi drivers will not venture in.


Bishop Bill had been offered the land upon which to build the clinic, school and church as a gift. However, despite many months of negotiation, there were insurmountable issues within the family making the gift. In order to make progress, Bishop Bill has chosen to offer to purchase the land. Some of the money from the Appeal will be used to effect the purchase and enable building to commence.

However Fr. Esteban and his church family have been greatly encouraged by news of the substantial donation from Derby. Fr Esteban has lots of excellent ideas and outline plans for the mission and initial development of the Church Community is progressing well.

It is still the Diocese’ intention to establish a Clinic, Meeting Room, Schoolroom and possibly to include basic accommodation for Fr. Esteban, to enable him to live within the community.

We had a Church community already at Pimentel, near the port of Chiclayo which had been started as a social project some years ago by a lady priest from Exeter Diocese. Now our two priests, Padre Esteban and Padre Wilmar, have taken over the community at her invitation and establishing the new one at Reque, in the South of Chiclayo. Our land is next to the new university site at Reque, adjacent to a very poor area of slum / shanty town dwellings. The short slide sequence at the end of this page (below the Youtube videos) includes Pimentel and the new land prior to any development.

From Anna

I'm based in Lima, but was in Chiclayo for the weekend accompanying Lizbeth Varillas (who is responsible for the MJA - Ministerio Juvenil Anglicana). We stayed with a family in Culpon and helped Rev. Esteban with an event on the Saturday at the house where the church is currently meeting. It was a very encouraging day with a number of different talks including 'prayer' & 'what is church?' there were also team games & songs followed by lunch together. There were about 30 people at the event of all ages including a number of families.

There are a few committed young people involved who are very capable so we also spent time with them during the weekend, getting to know them, encouraging them in their own faith and chatting about ideas for future events and activities that they could run with the young people in the church and also the local community. One thing that struck us during our visit was the teamwork and commitment from the different congregation members. The young people met with us on the Friday to help finalise the details and practise the songs, the women spent all Saturday preparing the lunch and cooking, some of the fathers were there joining in the activities etc.

On the Sunday we visited Paula's medical campaign in a different area of Chiclayo with the family we were staying with and we also went to the evening service at San Marcos.

The MJA is scheduled to go back for another visit in December.

From Fr. Esteban

Dear brothers and sisters in Christ Jesus, “Greetings from our beautiful country, Peru”!

I am Rev. Esteban Zapata Larrea, missionary priest here in the north of Peru, sent by my bishop, Mons. William. I am the priest in charge of the new Anglican mission, San Marcos (St. Mark’s).

I am writing to tell you that here in Chiclayo we are so grateful to all of you, because we know that you are praying for us and for our needs. We are so grateful for the financial support you have sent us. This support will enable us to build the facility we need where we can meet to worship and praise our God, but also to be able to reach out into the local community and serve the needs of our brothers and sisters who are in such need.

The Great Commission of our Lord Jesus Christ, which commands us to go forth and preach the Gospel and to make disciples, also compels us to heed the social needs such as healing the sick, educating and feeding the hungry.

I want to let you know that we are moving forward with the paperwork on the purchase of the land, where our church will be built. It is necessary for the land to be registered publically as our property, in order to have no legal problems in the future. Please pray for this process to be completed quickly and easily.

With joy, I can tell you that we are seeing a growth in the number of members who come regularly to church! On Saturdays we gather at 4pm for Bible study. On Tuesdays and Saturdays we have our little San Marcos “school,” which is aimed at serving the children in the community, who need help with their homework, especially in maths and written work. This ministry is so essential as most of the childrens’ fathers are out working, and their mothers are mainly illiterate. On Sundays we celebrate Holy Communion at 3:30pm. Please pray that the Lord would bless all the work of our hands to His glory and for the extension of His kingdom here.

On June 28th our mission will found its first AMA (diocesan women’s ministry) group, and we will be visited for the occasion by our sister Judith Godfrey (who heads up that ministry) and our bishop, Mons. William. We are preparing for their visit with much enthusiasm. We ask your prayers for that event, and for the Lord to use the AMA group to bring many women into a deeper walk with Him.

I also want you to know, dear brothers and sisters, that in our mission we have whole families attending, which is really a major blessing from God. Please pray for our families:

Please pray for my own beloved family: my wife, Yessica, who works as a nurse to help support our family and the mission, and is also studying at the university. For my son, Anthony who is studying at university to be a doctor. He hopes to be able to support the medical ministry of the church in the future. For my son, Gabriel, who is only five and is in kindergarten.

I firmly believe brothers and sisters, that your prayers will make it possible for our mission to continue growing in enthusiasm, in love, and in the faith in Jesus Christ our Saviour.

We want to know about you and your needs too. We would like to pray to God for you, so that united in prayer we can overcome all those barriers that oppose the kingdom of God. It would be wonderful to hear about your joys and successes in your churches, and to receive some photos from you so that we might know one another and grow in friendship.

I say goodbye, my dear brothers and sisters with the words of the Apostle Paul:

“We are hard pressed on every side, but not crushed; perplexed, but not abandoned; struck down, but not destroyed. We always carry around in our body the death of Jesus, so that the life of Jesus may also be revealed in our body. (2 Cor. 4:8-10)

Thank you for your friendship beloved brothers and sister of Derby Diocese. Thank you for your prayers and for your solidarity in providing financially.

May God bless you!

With deep affection, I bid you farewell,

Rev. José Esteban Zapata Larrea (Father Esteban), Coordinator of the Northern Region, Chiclayo, Priest in charge of the San Marcos Mission, Leonardo Ortíz District – Chiclayo – Peru

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July 2014

May/June 2014

Establishing AMA (South American equivalent of Mothers' Union):

Original Introductory sequence for the Bishop of Derby's Harvest Appeal 2013

Slide sequence from Chiclayo, Diocese of Peru

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The latest progress report (1.2Mb) in print form may be downloaded here. Download the previous progress report (8Mb) in print form, including photographs - for all reports print double sided on A4 Landscape and fold to form an A5 booklet

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Bishop of Derby’s Harvest Appeal 2013

Bishop Alastair dedicated his 2013 Harvest Appeal to the new mission in Chiclayo. In March, 2014, the appeal closed, having raised a magnificent £24,500 which has subsequently been transferred to the Diocese in Lima. Our profound thanks are offered to everyone who’s helped to raise monies in support of this appeal.

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