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Bishop of Derby's Harvest Appeal 2013

Establishing new Mission in Chiclayo, Diocese of Peru

The annual Harvest Appeal was an opportunity for everyone to reach out further than the Diocese of Derby's boundary to the less fortunate in the developing world. Previously, Bishop Alastair has supported community and mission projects in India, Uganda, Sudan and Rwanda.In 2013, he chose to support the Diocese of Peru who needed to build a clinic, school and church in the slums of Chiclayo. This has created a new diocesan link with South America.

The shanty towns around the big cities of Peru are home to hundreds of thousands of people - millions in the case of Lima, the capital. The families live in extreme poverty and lack the basic necessities which we take for granted: running water, electricity, medical care and a balanced diet.

The Diocese of Peru has a piece of land in the slums of the city of Chiclayo, the fourth largest city, on which to build vital but missing facilities. The Harvest Appeal 2013 helped to raise the funds necessary to complete the building project which the Diocesehas called:-

Clinica - Colegio - Capilla and which translates asClinic - School - Church.

In the uk we do not have to give much thought about the symbolism or purpose of local amenities however our Peruvian friends offer this reflection:-

The Bishop of Peru, Rt. Revd. William Godfrey, has close family links with Derbyshire and is grateful for our support:

Bishop William said: "Soon after we received promise of the land, Bishop Alastair called me from Derby to ask if we had a project that the people of the Diocese could support. It was a call out of the blue - God's grace at work! "

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Please send donations to Mr Edward Latham, 64 Birkinstyle Lane, Shirland, Alfreton, DE55 6BS
Cheques payable to DCMU-CA

The Appeal closed March 2014 with a magnificent 24,500 !

Donations to the Diocese of Peru for Chiclayo still welcome - contact Nick (see below (further details)

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